Studio Italiano often organises cultural or gastronomic events for students to gain further insights into the Italian way of life. The workshops below are two examples of upcoming events. If you would like further information about these please contact us on (03) 9699 7487 or by email.

Arancini al Telefono

hands on cooking class
Presented by Connie Butera and Franca Butera Crea.

Welcome cocktail, learn how to make Arancini with Ragu and Mozzarella di Bufala, lunch with a glass of red wine.

11.30 - 2.00pm. Call us for dates. Click here for more details

Exploring Sicily

Discover Sicily’s History, Geography, Culture and Cuisine.
Caponata Bruschetta & Nero D’Avola Sfingi & Caffe. $55.00 per person.

Sicily is a melting pot of many ancient civilizations, who have left their mark in the buildings, the people, food and wine. You will learn more about these ancient civilizations who have settled and colonized this extraordinary island in the Mediterranean. Watch listen, and sample traditional Sicilian delicacies and wines, while you learn about how each civilization contributed to paving the way to making Sicily the fascinating region that it is.

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